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Soccer Player

Academy Mission Statement: 

At our club, every child receives the red-carpet treatment they truly deserve, regardless of age, skill level, or background. We go above and beyond to create a nurturing environment where they can develop, learn, and most importantly, have a blast playing the beautiful game. Our approach to youth soccer focuses on empowering players to think independently, solve problems, and adapt swiftly to any situation they encounter. Just as our dedicated coaches bring their A-game every day, we expect nothing less than the absolute best from our athletes. During our training sessions, we encourage each player to explore, experiment, and discover what works best for their personal growth in the sport. Above all, our ultimate goal is to instill a deep love for the game in every player, paving the way for their growth as both exceptional athletes and outstanding individuals as they journey through life. Let's provide your child with the premier-level experience they deserve and unleash their true potential!

Expectations of Commitment:

  • Try your best to attend all practices and games. For those times that attendance is not possible, please communicate to the coach. Open communication allows for the coach to appropriately plan for practice and secure subs for games 

  • Come to practice prepared: on time, cleats, shin guards, water, SLCFC training gear, and weather appropriate clothing/accessories 

  • Please note that with our academy age, children learn and grow at different speeds. There may be changes within teams and training as coaches deem necessary.

Practices and Games: 


  • 1 hour of practice 2 times per week in (June-Oct & March- May) 

  • 1 hour of practice 1-2 per week (January-February) 

  • Outdoor practices during summer, fall, and spring 

  • Winter practices (Location and cost of facility TBD) 

  • 1-2 month break during the winter holidays. Amount of time is dependent upon coach and facility availability. 

    PLEASE NOTE:  Times and days of practice may change throughout the year/season

  •  Games are played in a comp league called the Midvale League that we will sign the kids up for and is included in costs. 

  • They will have 8 games in the fall and 8 in the spring. 

  • These league games are co-ed.

  • Midvale League (Fee included in initial payment and team manager will automatically sign your child up) 

  • Indoor League (Additional fee paid directly to organization holding the league at time of registration) Should your team decide to do an indoor league this is played Jan-March and is an extra fee. 


  • For a full fee breakdown please visit our website and look under the about tab for a fees breakdown. 

  • Full fees for the year are $554 

  • We offer many different financing options and payment plans.. On our fees page you can access the form to request financial help.  

  • Uniforms are $180                                                                                                                        - Uniforms are worn for two years


  • Team Snap will be our primary form of communication. Please download the app. This is where you will see schedules for practices, games, and messages from coaches and each other.

Club Information



President and Technical Director: Mark Davis | 

Director of coaching: Ty Oconnor |

Director of Operations: Natalie Davis |

Soccer Field
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