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Club Fees



This is the policy of Salt Lake City FC (“SLCFC”) regarding fees and refunds. 

SLCFC has player tryouts in May and June, and there is a registration deadline soon after tryouts. When a player commits to a team and SLCFC they are also accepting a one-year financial commitment through the end of May the following year. This commitment includes an agreement to pay all fees, although some fees may be paid later or on an approved payment plan. 

SLCFC has a description of fees on the “Fees” page of its website. Total fees may vary by team depending on tournament participation and winter training plans. The player also will be required to purchase a uniform and team training apparel.

A player with unpaid fees may be removed from participation in games and tournaments until payment is made.

While there may be a circumstance that requires a player to leave their team (e.g severe injury or family move), generally SLCFC will continue to expect the player to honor their financial commitment to the team and SLCFC for the full year.

SLCFC will have no refund obligation to the extent that fees have been paid to third parties and are not recoverable.

All fees are non-refundable unless this policy provides otherwise.

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